Child Sex Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church


     People like to think that their child will never face sexual abuse but the reality is child sex abuse (CSA) can happen to anyone. Many people turn to their religion for help when it comes to CSA but current controversies have shown that even religious leaders can be sexual predators. The Roman Catholic Church is drowning in lawsuits filed by molestation victims (Glover).

Where have these CSA incident Occurred?

     Many child abuse incidents that have occurred in the Catholic Church are now coming to light. Voyle A. Glover, who is a writer for CBN, wrote an article, “Coming Soon to Your Church: A Child Molester”, talks about the different CSA lawsuits filed against the Catholic Church. Glover states that many of these cases are coming out years after these alleged sexual crimes were committed.

     For decades, the Catholic Church has been aware that priests have been committing CSA crimes but they have quietly settled abuse cases outside of the court. As for the pedophile priests, their only “punishment” was being sent to different parishes, which really isn’t a punishment at all. The article is full of information about molestation lawsuits against the church and what they’ve done to keep this issue quiet.

    As you continue reading through the article you can find more information about child sex abuse crimes within the Catholic Church. One of the questions, “what does a child molester look like?“, states that a predator can be a preteen or grandfather, age is not a factor (Glover). There are more questions you can read and learn from. There are also some statistics about CSA and a short list of important facts about these crimes.

Why Read this Article?

     I highly advice my readers to take a look at this article because it helps you realize that sexual predators can be anyone, even people you put all your trust in. The article has different sections that are full of information on the different aspects of CSA in the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is just one of many organizations that have taken part in CSA crimes and as I learn more about this topic I’ll be able to report back to my readers!


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7 thoughts on “Child Sex Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church

  1. I’ve heard things about kids who were sexually abused in the Catholic Church, but I never thought it happened so frequently outside of movies and tv shows. Have you ever seen the show 19 Kids and Counting? It’s about a super religious family, but recently they have been centered around a scandal due to the fact that one of the sons sexualy harrassed I think 3 of his sisters. gross stuff.

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  2. Wow, this is upsetting to hear, but it needs to be surfaced for all to see. A place said to be so sacred is having such a severe problem lurking within its walls. I have heard of molesters being priests or ones in the church, but having it broken down for me is hard to stay quiet. Such a great post, really has a good use of Pathos. Good job!

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